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CubiCasa is a floorplan application tool that allows anybody with a mobile device to easily create a high quality and accurate marketing floorplan with a quick 5 minute scan of a home.  Take advantage of our sponsored partnership with CubiCasa and sign up for a free account today!  

  • Home buyers consider floor plans the most desired feature on a home listing, just after the standard listing photos and property data (NAR research).

  • Stand out from the competition by providing a free marketable floor plan on-site to your client.

  • Increase click-throughs from buyers by 52% by including a floor plan on your listing. (source:

  • Large diversity of devices supported, download the app in the Apple App store for IOS devices or Google Play Store for Android.

  • No subscription or monthly minimum requirements! 

Floor plans made with a revolutionary technology.

Interested? Follow the Link Below Your MLS

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